Our activities
Since its creation, S.A.M.I specialized in instrumentation and industrial automatism is a reliable partner for the various industries.  
Her global vision of production tools allowing her to propose a whole range of turnkey solutions to adapt itself to every process:  
* Engineering of industrial processes  
* Design of system of complex production  
* Conduct centralized by production line  
* Special machine of assembly and control  
* Bench of test and measure  
*escorting and conditioning unity  
* Functional and organic analysis  
* Cabling of cupboards of control, regulation and command  
* VFD 
* Supervision  
* Test and putting into service 
Industrial Electricity
Studies, realizations and maintenance of industrial projects, the company and his technicians propose their expertise in the various industries in electricity.  
The technical multi- skills of S.A.M.I in automatism, instrumentation and mechanics allow a global design of the installations and the deployment of optimized and custom-made solutions.  

* Put in conformity machine  
* Realization of distribution and process cabinets
* Special machines  
* Installation of the industrial Inverters 

S.A.M.I makes available to his customers of the specialists to find an adapted solution.
Industrial maintenance
This expertise acquired since its creation is supported by a team of specialized technicians, workshops for all types of interventions, repairs, adjustments and revisions.
The solutions of maintenance of S.A.M.I are created custom-made to adapt itself and meet the needs of industrialists.
S.A.M.I proposes every types of industrial maintenance  
* On-site maintenance  
* Outsourced maintenance  
* Predictive maintenance  
* Systematic maintenance  
* Curative maintenance  
* Detection of the breakdown  
* Replacement of defective parts  
* Annual contracts of services 
The teams of S.A.M. are at your disposal for punctual repairs, and offer you an annual service contract - 24 hours a day all year round.
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